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La Sardina Metal Edition Camera & Flash - Coyote

by Lomography Shop

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Tough enough to be your everyday Lomographic sidekick, La Sardina Coyote is hungry for analogue adventures. With an elaborately designed metal body and accompanied by Fritz the Blitz Flash, this Western edition wide-angle wonder will leave you howling for more.

Product Description

Classic Cowboy Charm
– With details carefully etched and engraved in its oxidized brass body, La Sardina Coyote presents a captivating image of the Old West.

Fritz the Blitz Flash
– This camera comes with Lomography's most powerful flash ever, Fritz the Blitz. With 3 distance settings and different color filters, you enjoy full control over your flash photography!

Mind-blowing Wide-Angle Lens
– With an 89° field of view wide-angle lens, La Sardina loves to take in all the action

Rewind Dial and MX switch
– Multiple exposures have never been this easy

Easy-to-use Focusing
- With two simple settings to choose from, focusing with La Sardina is a breeze even for beginners

Bulb Setting
- La Sardina is perfect for long-exposure experimentation; just switch to the Bulb setting and you can hold the shutter open for as long as you'd like!

Film cartridge Window
– Just look through the window to remind yourself what film you're shooting

Super Convenient 35mm
– Load La Sardina with any kind of 35mm film you'd like
– It's the kind of film you can pick up and develop in your local store.

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