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Hard Work Notebook

by Hundred Million

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A robust, practical tool, made from stone. Isometric & golden section print.

The Hard Work Notebook measures 130 x 207mm and is perfect for anyone beginning a project in any creative field, the internal pages feature a combined isometric and golden ratio print guide, with a section in the centre stripped back to show a white golden ratio on blue background. Ideal for layouts of websites or work where proportions matter!

* 2mm thick hard board covers (with radiused edges) – making writing without a work surface easy, and protecting the pages against damage.

* Flexible fabric covered spine – Allowing the book to open flat on any page without damage or obstruction.

*256 super smooth stone pages – 20mm thick for people who like to work hard.

*No nonsense construction – 100% uncompromised work space, free from extra cluttered features.

*Isometric print – for 3D work, graphic design and geometric plans.
Golden ratio print – for architectural designs and website/print layout proportion.

*Waterproof paper made from stone – to help in the fight against spills/tears.

*130 x 207mm

The Hard Work Notebook was initially funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

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