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Code Cards

by Carlos Lagrange

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Code Cards is a card game that teaches you how to code whilst allowing you to go outside, have fun with friends or just take a break!

Every Code Cards Pack includes 4 decks of 53 unique cards, instructions and its custom Code Cards tuck box. All cards are made from top 300gsm smooth card stock from France and contain a blue core centre for minimum transparency. Made by the same guys that manufacture UNO!


1. HTML 5 (53 cards)
We cover hyperlinks, divs, structure, iFrames, links, scripts, lists, video, tables, drop downs, navigation, input fields, images, inline styling, headlines, buttons, audio, comments, http errors and much more.

2. CSS (53 cards)
We cover background images, borders, shadows, positioning, visibility, z-index, sizing, spacing, text-alignment, fonts, weights, styles, colors, opacity, transitions, selectors, box models, transformations, animations and much more.

3. Ruby & Rails (53 cards)
We cover flow control, looping, iterations, Object-oriented programming and meta-programming.

4. Javascript (53 cards)
We cover triggers, event handling, Object-oriented programming, logic and tons of semi-colons!

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