C-shaped Handle Inverted Umbrella (3 Designs!)

by My Matching Studio (MMS)

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This Double Layer Inverted Umbrella is unconventionally more useful in the rain.

Umbrellas are good mostly to keep the rain out but they can be quite a fuss around you when they are dripping all over. We have all encounter this, getting in and out of a car or taxi on rainy days can be a hassle with common everyday umbrellas.

That’s why we all need an inverted umbrella. Whether you are heading to a mall on a rainy day or getting in or out of the car, the inverted umbrella lets you use it with ease since they are designed to open and fold away in a practical way. C-shaped handle loops through wrist for hands-free use.

Don’t take our word for it, you can see how it works from similar designs on YouTub.

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