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Fontself Maker - Create Fonts in Illustrator CC

by Fontself Team

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Fontself Maker brings font creation capabilities to Illustrator CC. You can now turn your own lettering into actual fonts, right from your favorite vector editing tool.

And it's real easy: just drag & drop any letter, icon or symbol to the Fontself Maker panel, and BOOOM, you've just created a font. Export it as an OpenType font file in one click and enjoy it anywhere you want!


- Create fonts in minutes
- Drag & drop to convert any shape into a character
- Edit, preview and install fonts within Illustrator
- Export OpenType font files
- Extend Illustrator CC 2015 or 2017 (it does NOT run on CS6)
- Works on both Mac & PC


We are currently working to bring more cool features to this tool. So if you purchase Fontself Maker now, here is what you will be able to enjoy later this year:

- Kerning (because everyone loves it =)
- Ligatures (because many can't live without)
- Alternates (because glyphs deserve the right to be different too)
- Color fonts (because life is just so colorful)
- What else? Did we miss something? Plz let us know...

Do you have any question or need help? Contact us through

We’ll be glad to offer support ;)

NOTE: This add-on does not include any font file (the showcased user fonts only demonstrate the type of designs that can be generated with this tool. They are available from their original creators on, and

NOTE 2: Mind that Fontself does not run on CS6 (yeah, we know, it's pretty sad... But we'll figure something cool in the upcoming months for all the CS users who'd love to make their own fonts in a snap. Stay tuned ;)

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