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Cards for Designers -- Playable Inspiration

by Chris Fick

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The first and only design thinking card game. This game allows designers and small diverse teams to concept, iterate, prototype and create new solutions for all types of problems.

A fifty-two card (traditional) deck that assigns strategic thinking tasks with each card focusing on concept (hearts), marketing (clubs), finance (diamonds), and production (spades) of any project. The deck uses various gameplay scenarios to address team-based solutions.

The Design Deck supports a holistic approach to problem-solving for start-ups and business environments. This product broadens the vision of team members and supports generation of new ideas and their execution by forcing new perspectives.

Just like a traditional deck of cards, this deck can be used to play many different types of games. Games like Solitaire, War, Spades, Poker and Euchre all work well with the Design Deck Playable Inspiration.

“A great tool to concept new projects and identify problems before they arise.” -Art Director

“Worth having in our office ‘Bag of Tricks’ when we’re trying to brainstorm and come up with new ideas or solve problems” -Marketing Sales Manager

Illustration by Rachel

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