Forbidden Fruit

by Ione Citrin

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23" h x 38" w - watercolor

There they were, the "Forbidden Fruit" trees, just as described in his grandfather's will. John had been travelling for weeks, scouring the territory of his grandfather's ranch looking for these trees without luck. And then, suddenly, they seemed to appear out of nowhere. He had often told him about the treasures these fruit trees held. At first as a little boy, he was entranced with the tale, then as he got older he believed him more and more. When the grandfather died, he left his entire estate to various charities and nothing for the family. But John remembered the "Forbidden Fruit" trees and decided one summer to visit the area and search them out.

"There they are all right", he muttered to himself. He picked one up from the ground and cut it open. It was a strange looking fruit, like a cross between a grapefruit and an orange, and maybe another something, he thought. Then he bit into it, and suddenly the world changed into bazaar colors and sounds and rhythms. He fell onto the grass, delirious with strange and wonderful dreams. He was finally awakened with a gruff nudge. He opened his eyes to see a strange man standing above him. "You all right?" he said. "Yes, yes, I'm O.K." and he struggled to his feet, groggy and stiff but otherwise in good shape. "I guess I ate something that didn't agree with me", he said, brushing his clothes off. "Thank you, for helping me". John took one last look at the trees before grabbing his backpack and walking away. His grandfather had played one last joke on him. "I guess I deserved it", he thought resolving not to tell anyone in the family what had happened to him.

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