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Diana Mini & Flash-Coral Fusion

by Lomography Shop

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Product Description

Coral Connection – Clad in a pastel orange suit, the Diana Mini & Flash Coral Fusion is your perfect camera companion when the sun is out and you feel like taking photos. Super versatile and simply stylish, this tiny camera offers limitless photo possibilities.

Ultra-Compact – The Mini is exactly that; it can fit in your pocket and can easily travel with you on your photo adventures.

Two Photo Formats – You can pick from 2 completely different photo formats. Either go for 36 square photos or a whopping 72 photos on a roll with the half-frame mode.

Simple Exposure Settings – Sunny day? Switch to the sun icon. Looking dull? Switch to the cloud setting. The Diana Mini makes setting your exposure easy for anyone.

Multiple and Long Exposure Capabilities – Easily take multiple and long exposures using the uncoupled shutter advance and ‘Bulb’ setting.

Tripod Thread and Cable Release Thread – Accessorize with a tripod or cable release – The cable release attachment is a Diana first!

Uses Convenient 35mm Film – The Diana Mini uses all kinds of 35mm film which is easy to buy and develop.

Flash Included – The Diana F+ package includes the Diana+ Flash; Retro-looking and ultra-cool, light up your shots and use the color filters to splash your photos with crazy tones.

Please Note: Due to its extra-small size, the Diana Mini is not compatible with full-size Diana F+ lens and back accessories, but offers full compatibility with the Diana Flash

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