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How do I send color proofs and match printing profiles for my prints?

To answer this question, we'd like to share with you the two ways to sell your prints on The Bazaar:

1) For 'custom products' –– You will be in charge of shipping the prints directly to the buyers. For this product type, we recommend the prices you indicate include all handling and shipping fees, because when the buyers check out, they'd only pay the nett price you've specified. (For example, if you ship to only two countries such as US and UK, we recommend you list two products -- ARTWORK NAME to USA for $PRICE A, ARTWORK NAME to UK for $PRICE B.) For this, you are able to provide other  extras such as framing etc. 

For this category of products, color proofing will be done on your end as you will be doing the shipping directly from your end.

2) Alternatively, you can sell them as 'prints' –– The Bazaar will ship the prints directly to the buyer. You can upload the file, specify the dimensions, choose the paper type, and our system will calculate the printing and paper costs on top of the price you specified. (for example, if you specify $100, and the printing + paper based on your specified dimensions costs $25, the total cost will be $125 that appears on the website. When an order comes in, it will printed in a location closest to the buyer, and rolled up in a tube, and we'd ship it out to the buyer. 

If color proof is required, you can check the option 'Color Proof is required ' when creating the product listing. You will then need to send us the proof (to the address indicated on that page) so we can match it during printing and before the print is being shipped out. If this option is not checked, we'd then continue to print as per the profile embedded within the artwork that you've uploaded.

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