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How do I purchase a product on The Bazaar?

Go to 'SHOP' on The Bazaar. Click on the image that you are interested in and this will lead you to a larger version of the image. Click on 'info' to view more information about the product.

When you are ready to purchase the product, click the 'Buy' button and the product will automatically be added to your 'Cart'. You can access your purchases at any time by clicking the 'Cart' icon at the top right of the site. You can also continue shopping and add multiple items from different stores to your 'Cart'. From your 'Cart', you can also delete the items you do not wish to purchase anymore.

Next, select your shipping zone and fill in your shipping address. Click on 'Check Out' once you have confirmed your purchases and complete your payment via Paypal.

If you are not ready to make a purchase, you may add the products you have viewed to your 'Wishlist'. This is a way to bookmark a product so you can find it later. This is only applicable only if you have a 'BUYER' account on The Bazaar.

If you're new to The Bazaar, please take a moment to create an account. It's free and easy to register. See here to see how you can register as a buyer.


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